Jarrett, 24, New York
I'm a contradiction, brave enough to admit it. Instagram: @Body_Business

Tiny hands tugging on these fine strings, listening intently to the sounds that chime. My dear, it is yesterday that sings so sweetly; a song that fades with time. Why was it so desirable to fly when there is doubt beyond inceptive youth? Where was the unhappiness in the fresh taste of adolescence? I wish that I savored the moments that have gone. For I hadn’t known how tragic it would be when they faded from my eyes.

I awaken my bones late. Hear the crackle like a budding flame. This is my age. I am listening for the old days.

"I didn’t get over it, but I got used to it."


Some people were meant to be poets while others like you were meant to have poetry written about them.


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